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George Graham's Best of 2003 Albums List

This is a the list of albums featured during the ten-part Best of 2003 series presented during December on Mixed Bag, heard on WVIA-FM. These albums were selected by series host George Graham from the over 500 CDs featured during the year on the New Releases segments presented daily on Mixed Bag. The Mixed Bag musical styles include rock, folk, blues, reggae, world music, Celtic, electronic, and other varieties presented on the program. The emphasis is on records that received little or no attention in the commercial media. Selection criteria include originality, uniqueness of sound, and quality of musicianship.

The lists are arranged chronologically by month of release. Recordings featured on the on the Mixed Bag Weekly Album Review (Wednesdays at 9:00 PM) are linked to the review on this website. Following the chronological list is another list of albums by artists who have appeared on the Homegrown Music series (Tuesdays at 9:00 PM).













CDs released by regional artists who have appeared on the Homegrown Music series.

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