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March 2021

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Homegrown Music is WVIA-FM's exclusive series which each week showcases the talents of regional contemporary music artists in recordings produced in the WVIA-FM studios by series host George Graham and is broadcast Tuesdays at 9:00 PM and Saturdays at 6 PM on WVIA-HD2. Further information on Homegrown Music may be obtained via the World Wide Web at http://homegrownmusic.info and http://www.wvia.org/radio/local/homegrown-music/

Mar. 2 Matt Filer. Jim Thorpe, PA, singer-songwriter Matt Filer performs a set of creative original songs is a solo acoustic setting.
Matt Filer
Matt Filer in the studio at WVIA in 2018.
Mar. 9 Marcus Eaton Trio. A highly distinctive singer-songwriter, who toured collaborated, and co-wrote songs with David Crosby, appears with his band in a 2010 session that combines Eaton’s airy tenor in a jazzy progressive rock trio including some flamenco influence.
Marcus Eaton
Marcus Eaton (right) with his trio at WVIA in 2010
Mar. 16 Abby Ahmad. An energetic bluesy Wilkes-Barre-native singer-songwriter and current New York resident performs a set of her original outstanding original songs win an electric band context in her Homegrown Music debut session in 2011.
Abby Ahmad Band
Abby Ahmad and her band in the studio at WVIA in 2011.
Mar. 23 Jordan Chassan. A veteran blues-influenced singer-songwriter, whose career goes back to the 1970s is heard in a memorable live Homegrown Music solo concert from 2005, marked by his wry songs and impressive guitar work.
Jordan Chassan
Jordan Chassan perfoming live at WVIA in 2005
Mar. 30 The Endless Mountains Trio. Corky Staats, Carl Hagstrom and Paul Fazio, from northern PA’s Endless Mountains collaborate on a set of songs that are often witty, with some country and old-time influence in this 2012 session.
Endless Mountains Trio
The Endless Mountains Trio WVIA

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