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Fact Sheet for Homegrown Music Live Concert Series

The Homegrown Music Live Concert Series presents monthly radio concerts broadcast live from the WVIA studios before a live audience. Each concert is slotted into a two-hour time-period, and begins at 8:00 PM. The concerts are generally arranged in two sets with a 10-15 minute intermission with taped material providing the interval on the air. The concerts are held on Tuesdays evenings. The producer, artistic director and host for the series is George Graham.

WVIA-FM is a non-commercial listener supported public radio station, not affiliated with any college or other organization. Its parent organization, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Educational Television Association is a registered tax-exempt non-profit corporation.

WVIA-FM is a full-power "class B" (50,000-watt) radio station, licensed to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton, PA, with a signal covering Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New York and Western New Jersey. The main carrier frequency is 89.9 FM, with 8 translators serving Williamsport (89.3), Clarks Summit (90.3), East Stroudsburg/Poconos (94.3), Pottsville (94.9), Allentown (99.3), and Lewisburg (100.1), Bethehem and Sunbury (both 105.7). Approximately 1.5 millions people are within receiving range of the station.

The series presents a wide variety of "contemporary arts" styles of music, including folk (contemporary and traditional), jazz (acoustic and fusion), rock (avoiding commercial styles), blues, New Age and "world music," including Celtic, reggae, etc.

The studio audience consists of listeners invited by WVIA over the air, and guests of the featured performers. Admission is free by advance reservation, generally on a first-come-first-served basis. Under certain circumstances WVIA may limit the solicited audience to contributing members. Guests of the performers will always be accomodated.

The concerts are held in the main WVIA-TV studio, though it should be stressed that the live broadcast is for radio only. Most concerts are videotaped with multi-camera coverage for possible future broadcast on the Homegrown Music Concerts series on WVIA-TV (channel 44). WVIA will provide stage, lighting and sound mixing and reinforcement for both the broadcast and the in-studio audience. Please contact George Graham for a description of available facilities.

The concert will be recorded. Although entire concerts are generally not repeated, since their "liveness" is an important attribute, WVIA does reserve the right to rebroadcast any or all of the concert at any time, usually in "concert clips" specials, and often during listener-request segments. WVIA will not sell or in any way distribute copies of the recording to anyone not connected with the station or the performers without specific permission from the performers.

Performers may bring along a VHS videotape or audio tape for a recording of the show.

Performers will have opportunities to sell records, tapes and other materials to the studio audience.

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