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George D. Graham
Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer, A&R Services
CD Mastering
Carbondale, PA, USA
Business Phone: (570) 602-1165

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George Graham Recording & Production Sampler CD
The CD is available to prospective clients at this address:

Track Listings:

1. Cruel-4-Days Blues Band: Ask Me No Questions (Trusky) 5:10
From CD Dear John (p) 1997 Boulevard of Broken Dreams Records.

Ed Trusky: guitar, vocals
Nate Myers: harmonica
Greg Burgess: piano
Dave Kessler: bass
Dave Eisenhower: drums
Produced, engineered and mixed by George Graham. Recorded Feb. 1997 at Sound Investments Studio. Assistant engineer: Joe Wiglesky

2. Dead Left: So Charming (Stroessner) 4:13
Unreleased radio performance at WVIA-FM.
Aaron Stroessner: guitar, vocals
Zeke Zima: lead guitar
Bob Roe: bass
Brian Delaney: drums
Produced, engineered and mixed by George Graham. Recorded Feb. 1999 at WVIA-FM for the Homegrown Music Public Radio series.

3. Lorne Clarke: Song for Hastings Williams (Clarke) 4:24
From CD Lorne Clarke (p) 1999 Burnt Creek Music.

Lorne Clarke: acoustic guitar, vocal
Bob Williams: acoustic guitar
Tony Marino: acoustic bass
Dave Eisenhower: percussion
Laurie Haines Reese: cello

Produced, engineered, mixed and arranged by George Graham. Recorded May-December 1998 at Menagerie Studio.

4. Ned Farr: Out There In Here (Farr) 4:53
Radio performance at WVIA-FM, released on The Warehouse Sessions.

Ned Farr: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Jim Olbreys: electric guitar
Jon Ossman: bass
Joe Casalino: drums & percussion
Andrea Weber: harmony vocals
Produced, engineered and mixed by George Graham. Recorded June 1998 at WVIA-FM for the Homegrown Music Public Radio series.

5. The Strand: Cover Girl (Stella) 5:46
From CD Puppet Food (p) 1993 Cool Tomb Records

Scott Stella: vocals
John Yzkanin: guitars
Bill Kimble: drums
Frank Booth: bass
Produced by the Strand. Mixed by George Graham with Kent Heckman. Tracks engineered by Kent Heckman. Recorded and mixed 1993 at Red Rock Studio.

6. Rick Sirota: Tides (Sirota) 4:03
From CD Stand Your Ground 1999 independent release

Rick Sirota: guitar, bass, vocals
Mark Davis: percussion
Produced, engineered and mixed by George Graham. Recorded March 1999 at WVIA-FM.

7. George Wesley & the Irietations: You're Gonna Love It (Wesley) 4:32
From CD Celebration of Creation (p) 1995 Love and Harmony Records

George Wesley: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Frank Stepanek: guitar, backing vocals
James Wesley: drums
Mike “Firp” Edmunds: bass
Giles Davis: sax
Todd Hulslander: trombone
William Crawford: trumpet
Produced, engineered and mixed by George Graham. Assistant engineer: Jeff Boyer. Recorded 1994-1995 at Menagerie Studio.

8. Greg Burgess: Itsy Bitsy Spider (trad.) 4:03
From CD I Am Not Alone 1999 independent release

Greg Burgess: piano and vocal
Produced, engineered and mixed by George Graham. Recorded April 1998 at WVIA-FM.

9. John Dillon: Tumbleweed (P. Rowan/B. Miller) 4:41
From CD Piece of Paradise (p) 1998 ArtRanch Records

John Dillon: acoustic guitar, vocal
Peter Rowan: mandola, vocal
Jonathan Edwards: percussion
Mike Dillon: acoustic bass
Neal Casal: slide guitar
David Hampton: lead acoustic guitar
Produced, engineered and mixed by George Graham. Recorded 1998 at Menagerie Studio.

10. Tom Flannery: Blame It on the Death of Charles Kuralt (Flannery) 3:38
From CD Song about a Train (p) 1999 Kikomusic

Tom Flannery: acoustic guitar, vocals
Neal Casal: electric guitar
John Ginty: organ
Produced, engineered and mixed by George Graham. Recorded April 1998 at WVIA-FM.

11. Stained Grass Window: The Letter (W. Carson) 3:40
From CD A Pane in the Grass (p) 1998 Stained Grass Window

Lou Eberlin: guitar, lead vocal
Ken Shafranko: Dobro
Mark Doncheski: banjo
Bob Meehan: harmonica
Mary Hermann: acoustic bass
Produced, engineered and mixed by George Graham. Assistant engineer: Joe Wigleski. Recorded Jan.-Feb. 1999 at Sound Investments Studio.

12. Andrew Cheshire: Tomorrow is Today (Cheshire) 5:39
From CD Another View (p) 1997 Joule Records

Andrew Chesire: guitar
Rich Perry: tenor sax
Kurt Weiss: trumpet
Ron McClure: bass
Jeff Hirschfield: drums
Produced by Andrew Cheshire and George Graham. Engineered and mixed by George Graham. Recorded May 1997 at Red Rock Studio, mixed at Menagerie Studio.

13. Ron Sunshine and Full Swing: Reet Petite (Sunshine) 5:29
From live radio broadcast on WVIA-FM.

Ron Sunshine: vocals, harmonica
Dan Hovay: guitar
Craig Dreyer: tenor sax
Paul Tillotson: piano
Andres Villimil: acoustic bass
James Wormworth IV: drums
Producer, and overall mix by George Graham. Mix operator: Bruce Stedron. Recorded live to two-track during live radio broadcast June 16, 1998 at WVIA-FM & TV.

George Graham has been working in professional audio for over 30 years, with extensive experience in broadcast radio, TV, Internet Audio and producing, engineering, mixing and/or mastering many LPs and CDs. His first released LP, the Fuzzy Mountain String Band's Summer Oaks and Porch issued in 1972 by Rounder Records, is still available. Among the performers he has recorded for release or broadcast: The Pousette-Dart Band, Peter Rowan, Howe Gelb, Steve Allen, Phil Woods, David Liebman, Bob Dorough and many others, in styles including Renaissance classical, traditional and contemporary folk and bluegrass, mainstream and fusion jazz, world music, blues, electronic music and classic to alternative rock.

For over 20 years, Graham has produced and hosted a weekly Public Radio performance series called Homegrown Music which has presented over 500 different artists and groups, recording close to more than 800 albums’ worth of material for broadcast. Graham has also produced several television music specials, and is currently producer of a weekly series taken from the monthly live Homegrown Music concerts. He has also done audio mixing for several nationally-distributed Public Television music specials, including the Bucknell Candlight Christmas, and music from the Delaware Water Gap Jazz festival. He also engineered the music soundtrack for the Hollywood film Braintwisters.

Graham brings special skills and experience in the recording and production of acoustic instruments, and is well-known for the “audiophile” quality of his recordings. With knowledge of and extensive experience in a remarkable range of diverse musical styles and contacts with hundreds of musicians from symphonic to heavy metal, George can bring bring a recording project to life with eclectic influences and arrangements, or just play it straight, with an understanding and appreciation of traditional and classic styles.

George Graham is based in Northeastern Pennsylvania and is available to work in a studio of the artist’s choice. He can provide full co-ordination of a production from pre-production to mastering, to bring an artist’s vision to fruition, or work on specific phases: tracking, mixing, and mastering.


George Graham
3 Birkett Street
Carbondale, PA 18407
(570) 602-1165, (570) 282-1541

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