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The Return of the Wellington Raphelaytor

H.R. Wellington corporate logo

As part of the 25th anniversary of Mixed Bag in May 1999, and then again updated for the program's 30th anniversary in 2004, George Graham, the program's founder and host reached into the archive for some venerable material. One of the audio fossils unearthed was the Wellington Raphelaytor. These spots were created at the now defunct WDBS, Duke University, during Graham's tenure there, brought to WVIA and featured during the earliest days of Mixed Bag.

The Wellington Raphelaytor, of course, is the indespensible automobile accessory that no driver should be without. The H.R. Wellington Company of Chicago has been one of the leading manufacturers of raphelaytors since 1913, and throughout its long history, Wellington has concentrated on making the world's finest raphelaytors, and nothing else. This advertising campaign was designed first of all, to increase public awareness of the importance of this complex, but often ignored device to the proper functioning of a healthy and happy car, and also to remind motorists around the world how the Wellington is clearly superior to its many competitors.

This advertising campaign unfolded over time starting in 1969, and so it's best for one's understanding of raphelaytion to take in these spots in order.

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