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The Homegrown Music Sampler CD
Producer's Notes

Back in 1972, when I joined WVIA to help plan a new Public Radio station for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, we thought would be nice for a community-based station to provide an outlet for musical artists in the region. So some recording equipment became But shortly after we came on the air the following year, some area folk musicians approached me about performing on the one-hour-per-week folk program I was doing at the time. It has never really stopped since then. After occasional specials in the early One of the great pleasures of producing the series has been seeing Homegrown Music become a catalyst for the creation new original music, some especially for the program, and having new groups form and flourish directly as a result. All the while it has p Over the years, I have fielded hundreds of inquiries from listeners interesting in obtaining the music heard on Homegrown Music. Until now, none of it was available on record. Now, it finally is. But trying to condense twenty years of Homegrown Music into This is Volume One of what we hope will be an ongoing series. Future volumes will be able to spotlight Homegrown Jazz sessions, and highlights from the monthly live Homegrown Music Concert series.

George Graham

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