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January 2024

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Homegrown Music is WVIA-FM's exclusive series which each week showcases the talents of regional contemporary music artists in recordings produced in the WVIA-FM studios by series host George Graham and is broadcast Tuesdays at 9:00 PM. Further information on Homegrown Music may be obtained via the World Wide Web at http://homegrownmusic.info and http://www.wvia.org/radio/local/homegrown-music/

Jan. 2 Mountain Wave. A trio of veteran rock musicians from the Upper Delaware River Valley who got together in 2015, Mountain Wave made their Homegrown Music debut in 2017 with first-rate original material than runs from roots-rock to jam-band influenced. This is an encore of that session.
Mountain Wave
Mountain Wave at WVIA in 2017.
Jan. 9 The Bastards of Fine Arts. This is a duo of veteran musicians, who have had individual careers careers going back to the 1990s. Steve Mayone and Matt Keating have released 18 solo albums between them. The unite for this acoustic piano-guitar session featuring their first-rate original songs, in this all new session.
Bastards of Fine Arts
Steve Mayone (left) and Matt Keating at WVIA in 2023
Jan. 16 A Homegrown Music Concert Encore with the John Ginty Band. Keyboard man John Ginty is a busy and ubiquitous player who has performed with Jewel, the Dixie Chicks, Robert Randolph and recorded with Lou Reed. Last year, he became a member of the Allman-Betts Band. Over the years, he has made several appearances on Homegrown Music as both a leader and a sideman. This is an encore of a memorable live concert from 2015 featuring a guest appearance by singer-songwriter Tom Flannery.
John Ginty Band
John Ginty Band live at WVIA in 2015
Jan. 23 Jocelyn & Chris Arndt. A popular national blues-rock group led by siblings, the group put in a memorable studio session in 2016 as well as a live Homegrown Music concert. This is an encore of their debut studio session.
Jocelyn and Chris Arndt
Jocelyn and Chris Arndt (center) at WVIA in 2016
Jan. 30 Michael Leonhart. A versatile musician from a musical family – his father is the great jazz bassist Jay Leonhart – Michael is a multi-instrumentalist who spent more than 15 years playing trumpet with Steely Dan. He also works as a film composer/orchestrator and worked with actress Meryl Streep, directing a recording in which she read poetry to a score Leonhart created, and he played trumpet on the mega-hit “Uptown Funk” with Bruno Mars. This is an encore of an interesting and creative session from 2007, which includes his wife, jazz vocalist Jamie Leonhart.
Michael Leonhart
Michael Leonhart (center) WVIA in 2007

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