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April 2023

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Homegrown Music is WVIA-FM's exclusive series which each week showcases the talents of regional contemporary music artists in recordings produced in the WVIA-FM studios by series host George Graham and is broadcast Tuesdays at 9:00 PM and Saturdays at 6 PM on WVIA-HD2. special presentation during April is a live concert with the Water Street and Carla Ulbrich on the 19th. Further information on Homegrown Music may be obtained via the World Wide Web at http://homegrownmusic.info and http://www.wvia.org/radio/local/homegrown-music/

Apr. 4 Honey King. This New Jersey trio started out as a blues band, but became an acoustic folk group marked by very attractive original music, and great vocal harmonies. This is an encore of Honey King’s 2012 Homegrown Music debut.
Honey King
Honey King at WVIA in 2012.
Apr. 11 The Currys. An acoustic family trio of two brothers and a cousin, the Currys feature the vocal harmonies that come from growing up together. Their debut album Follow from 2014 was one of George Graham’s top picks of the year. Since then, they have released two additional recordings and made a Homegrown Music live concert appearance. This is an encore of their debut Homegrown Music session in 2014.
The Currys
The Currys at WVIA in 2014
Apr. 18 Gunnar Madsen. A co-founder of the distinctive and witty acappella group The Bobs, Gunnar Madsen has been creating a remarkable variety of interesting music over the years, including award-winning children’s albums, music featured in the TV series “Sex in the City,” and music and audio design used in Atari video games. From the Homegrown Music archive comes this 1999 session with Madsen accompanying himself at the piano.
Gunnar Madsen
Gunnar Madsen
Apr. 19 A Homegrown Music Concert with WATER STREET and CARLA ULBRICH. WVIA’s exclusive series of monthly live radio concert-broadcasts continued with a melodic rock band and a very witty comedic singer-songwriter.
Water Street are a rock sextet known for their sophisticated original music. Their most recent release All We Tried to Be has been receiving critical praise. The band put in a Homegrown Music studio session last year, were scheduled to perform live in January, but the performance was called off due to a snowstorm. With hopefully better weather, and they make their live HGM live concert debut.
Water Street
Water Street in the studio at WVIA
Carla Ulbrich calls herself a “professional smart Aleck” and for over 20 years, she has been writing songs that look at the humorous side of everything from romance to the pandemic. After an extended absence from the series, Ms. Ulbrich put in a studio session which aired earlier this year. She returns for a live performance of some of her newest songs along with some of her classics.
Carla Ulbrich
Carla Ulbrich
Apr. 25 Melodic Intersect. A distinctive world music quartet who include classical Indian sitar and tabla, along with jazz keyboard man Greg Hatza. They perform original improvisational music in this 2016 session.
Melodic Intersect
Melodic Intersect at WVIA in 2016
Apr. 26 A Homegrown Jazz Special with STRING THEORY featuring Joe Battaglia. Guitarist Joe Battaglia has appeared several time on Homegrown Music, including with Gerry and Adam Niewood, along with his own groups. He returns with a new trio that includes bassist Rich Messbauer and drummer Daniel Gonzalez, performing original compositions. Note: Start time 7:00 PM during WVIA’s All That Jazz.
String Theory
String Theory: Joe Battaglia, Daniel Gonzalez, Rich Messbauer at WVIA

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