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April 2016

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Homegrown Music is WVIA-FM's exclusive series which each week showcases the talents of regional contemporary music artists in recordings produced in the WVIA-FM studios by series host George Graham and is broadcast Tuesdays at 9:00 PM. Further information on Homegrown Music may be obtained via the World Wide Web at http://homegrownmusic.info andhttp://www.wvia.org/radio/local/homegrown-music/

June 7 Rofo Audio. A first-rate three-piece rock band from Royersford, PA, (hence the name), the group released their debut album Now Broadcasting earlier this year. The make their Homegrown Music debut with their original music.
Rofo Audio
Rofo Audio at WVIA
June 14 A Homegrown Music Concert Encore with CABINET. During the summer hiatus of the monthly Homegrown Music concert series, series producer George Graham presents encores of memorable concerts. One of the region’s most popular bands, known for their energetic bluegrass jams, and headlining the annual Susquehanna Breakdown Festival, Cabinet performed live for the Homegrown Music concert series in 2009. That show can be heard again on this week’s edition of the series.
Cabinet Live at WVIA in 2009
June 21 The Balkun Brothers. Steve and Nick Balkun are an energetic two-piece blues-rock band with a surprisingly full sound. Their eponymous album, released this year, has been getting national airplay and critical praise. The duo make their Homegrown Music debut with some new, non-album material.
The Balkun Brothers
The Balkun Brothers in the studio at WVIA
June 28 The Alice Project. From the Homegrown Music archive comes this 2001 session with a sophisticated pop band lead by singer-songwriter-pianist Alice Leon. The group released three albums, and Ms. Leon remains active on the music scene.
The Alice Project
The Alice Project in the old WVIA warehouse studio in 2001.

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