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November 2005

Homegrown Music is WVIA-FM's exclusive series which each week showcases the talents of regional contemporary music artists in recordings produced in the WVIA-FM studios by series host George Graham. Homegrown Music (HGM), presents new performances most Tuesdays at 9:00 PM. Special features during November include a Homegrown Music Concert on the 14th, a Homegrown Jazz special on the 30th, and an archive special from 1979 in the 29th. Further information on Homegrown Music may be obtained via the World Wide Web at http://homegrownmusic.info

Nov. 1 Kris Kehr and the Stone Poets. Long-time Homegrown Music veteran Kris Kehr has appeared in numerous contexts, from solo to being a member of the eclectic bluegrass group Pavlov's Dawgs. This 1999 session features Kehr with a great roots rock band that released a CD in its day. This HGM segment features non-album material.

Nov. 8 Cosmic Stepping Stones. This Upstate New York trio, containing a pair of siblings, performs an engaging, often ethereal style that features fine original compositions, and the alluring vocals of Leah Pinnivaia. (Encore from 2003)

Cosmic Stepping Stones
Cosmic Stepping Stones at WVIA

Nov. 14 A Homegrown Music Concert with the DAKOTA DUO and JORDAN CHASSAN. WVIA's unique series of monthly live two-hour concert-broadcasts continues with the reunion of the principal members of one of the region's most popular national rock bands, as well as a performance by an often witty singer-songwriter.

Jerry Hludzik and Bill Kelly were the key members of the Buoys in the early 1970s, one of the first rock bands from Northeastern Pennsylvania to achieve a national reputation, mainly on their strength of the unusual song "Timothy." In the mid 1970s, Kelly and Hludzik were creating some new original music as a side-project to the Buoys, turned to Homegrown Music as an outlet for their music, recording their first songs at WVIA for the series. That grew into first the "Jerry-Kelly Band" and then Dakota, who also went on to achieve national popularity. Dakota's Bill Kelly has been based in Nashville for the past few years, but after old Dakota recordings unexpectedly found popularity in Europe, Kelly and Hludzik decided to try a reunion. And now they are returning to Homegrown Music where it all started moer than a quarter century ago, for a performance of their classic material, along with some new songs.

Jordan Chassan can probably not be accused of being overly prolific in his album releases. He has just released his second CD after a 12-year hiatus, full of the witty, laconic songs that won him praise on his eponymous debut in 1993. His style is somewhere between country and jazz, with a lot of originality thrown in. He makes his Homegrown Music debut.

As usual, WVIA's members and listeners are invited to attend the show to the station's Public Broadcasting Center studios. Admission is free by advance reservation. Phone 570-655-2808 to place reservations. (Note: Start time 8:00 PM)

Homegrown Music Requests Nov. 15 A Homegrown Music Request Special. Every few months Homegrown Music producer George Graham sets aside a program for listeners to request their favorites from the many hundreds of artists who have been on the series during close to 30 years. Phone 570-655-2808, preferably a day or more in advance, to place requests for this 90-minute segment. (Note: Start Time: 8:30 PM)

Nov. 22 Hannah Bingman. Central Pennsylvania singer-songwriter Hannah Bingman is part of the national folk scene. Her current CD, Right, Right Now has been featured on WVIA's Mixed Bag. She makes her Homegrown Music debut with a collection of her engaging original songs, accompanied by drummer/percussionist Keenan Barbour-March.

Hannah Bingman
Hannah Bingman with Keenan Barbour-March in the studio for Homegrown Music

Nov. 29 A Homegrown Music Archive Special: THE GIBBS AND CULLEN BAND. Les Gibbs and Jim Cullen were popular musical partners in the late 1970s in Northeastern Pennsylvania. While Gibbs left the area, Cullen remains active regionally. But in their prolific collaboration they created dozens of original songs, and the duo became regulars on Homegrown Music. This archive special features a particularly memorable 1979 session with a full band.

Greg Burgess
Greg Burgess at the WVIA Steinway
Nov. 30 A Homegrown Jazz Special with Burgess, Mitchell and Seal. Pianist Greg Burgess has been a regular on the Homegrown Music performing everything from the blues of the Cruel Four Days Blues Band to some American parlor folk music with violin. This time, he is joined by drummer Steve Mitchell and bassist Andy Seal to perform some jazz standards and original pieces, with both instrumentals and vocals featured.

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