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December 2003

Homegrown Music is WVIA-FM's exclusive series which each week showcases the talents of regional contemporary music artists in recordings produced in the WVIA-FM studios by series host George Graham. Homegrown Music (HGM), presents new performances most Tuesdays at 9:00 PM. December specials include a Homegrown Music Christmas anthology on the 23rd, a Homegrown Jazz edition on the 17th, and the annual year-end sampler on the 30th. Further information on Homegrown Music may be obtained via the World Wide Web at http://georgegraham.com/hgm_main.html

Dec. 2 Deva Kant. A singer songwriter from the Hazleton area with a fascinating life story, including a period of homelessness, Deva Kant makes his Homegrown Music debut with some engaging original music performed in a solo acoustic setting.

Deva Kant
Deva Kant at WVIA recording for Homegrown Music

XIT 88 in the studio at WVIA
Dec. 11 XIT88. A first-rate young rock band, featuring a pair of twins from New Jersey who have already been attracting national attention with their brand of intelligent, melodic rock.

Dec. 16 A Homegrown Music Anthology: What Ever Happened to... Homegrown Music producer George Graham goes into the archive and pulls out some outstanding music from solo artists and short-lived bands who appeared on the series once or twice, and then either stopped making music or were not heard from again. It's music that will make one wonder what might have been if the artists had persisted.

Dec. 17 The Jim Saltzman Quartet. New Jersey jazz saxophonist Jim Saltzman makes his Homegrown Music debut with a fine set of mostly original material, in a straight-ahead jazz style. Note Start time 7:00 PM, during WVIA's All That Jazz.

Jim Saltzman Quartet
Jim Saltzman (right) with his Quartet at WVIA

Dec. 23 A Homegrown Music Christmas Anthology. Homegrown Music marks the Holiday season with an eclectic collection of original music taken from the Homegrown Music archive over the years.

Dec. 30 A Year-End Sampler. Homegrown Music continues an annual tradition of presenting an end-of-year cross-section of the some of the many artists in a wide range of styles who have appeared on the series in 2003. The 90-minute special features excerpts from the weekly studio recording series as well as the live monthly concerts.

Contact Series Producer: george (at) georgegraham (dot) com

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