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October 2003

Homegrown Music is WVIA-FM's exclusive series which each week showcases the talents of regional contemporary music artists in recordings produced in the WVIA-FM studios by series host George Graham. October specials include a Homegrown Music concert with Pocono jazz legend John Coates on the 21st, and Homegrown Jazz studio recording on the 1st. Further information on Homegrown Music may be obtained via the World Wide Web at http://georgegraham.com/hgm_main.html

Oct. 1 Adam Niewood Trio. Saxophonist Adam Niewood makes the first of two appearances this month with different groups on Homegrown Music. Son of renowned saxophonist Gerry Niewood, and a veteran of several Homegrown Music appearances, Adam Niewood's latest group is a distinctive trio including bassist Noah Jarrett (son of pianist Keith Jarrett) and drummer, percussionist extraordinaire Rohin Khemani. The session includes original music, jazz standards and some free improvisation.

Adam Niewood Trio
Adam Niewood Trio: Rohin Khemani, Noah Jarrett, Adam Niewood

Oct. 7 Deuces Blues. Despite its name, this trio including a father and son from the Bloomsburg area prove their versatility in a variety of styles in blues and rock. They make their Homegrown Music debut with a pleasing collection of original material.

Tom Flannery
Tom Flannery recording for Homegrown Music
Oct. 14 Tom Flannery. It has been a couple of years since one of Homegrown Music's most frequent guests has put in a performance of new original music. In the meantime, he has been busy, with two of his plays produced, and a unique website "songaweek.com" with a constant supply of new music, much of it topical. He returns to HGM to serve up a new collection of original music, marked by his insightful lyrics and outstanding musical narratives.

Oct. 21 A Homegrown Music Jazz Concert with JOHN COATES and GERRY & ADAM NIEWOOD. WVIA-FM's unique series of live Homegrown Music concert-broadcasts continues with a world-class jazz event.

For nearly 40 years John Coates has been acclaimed as one of the innovative pianists in jazz. Known for his decades-long residence at the Deer Head Inn, John Coates has attracted pilgrimages from jazz enthusiasts from all over the country. Cited as one of the primary influences of a young Keith Jarrett, Coates has also been credited as being the principal catalyst for the Poconos becoming a mecca for jazz musicians, and his performances are always a highlight at the Delaware Water Gap Celebration of the Arts. John Coates returns to Homegrown Music for his first appearance on the show in nine years, in what promises to be a very memorable performance.

Saxophonist Gerry Niewood is well-known for his lengthy collaboration with Chuck Mangione, on the latter's hit album Land of Make Believe. Niewood's son Adam is also a talented saxophonist and composer who has led his own groups (heard earlier this month), and been a part of the ensemble SBW. In 2001, Gerry and Adam Niewood made their first-ever recording together for Homegrown Music. The father-son jazz saxophone duo return for a live performance with a group including, among others, guitarist Joe Battaglia and drummer Bill Goodwin.

Gerry and Adam Niewod
L to R: Gerry Niewood, Adam Niewood, Joe Battaglia, Bill Goodwin, Craig Kastelnik in the studio in 2001
As usual, WVIA's listeners are invited to be part of the studio audience at the Public Broadcasting Center. Admission is free by advance reservation. Phone 570-655-2808 for reservations.

Walter Prezelski
Walter Prezelski recording for Homegrown Music
Oct. 28 Walter Prezelski. Distinctive singer-songwriter Prezelski returns to Homegrown Music with a new collection of his impossible-to-categorize original music. Originally part of the duo Angel Wolf, Prezelski performs in a solo setting, this time including some electric instrumentation, with new songs marked by his distinctive lyrics and deep bass vocals.

Contact Series Producer: george (at) georgegraham (dot) com

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