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July 2003

Homegrown Music is WVIA-FM's exclusive series which each week showcases the talents of regional contemporary music artists in recordings produced in the WVIA-FM studios by series host George Graham. Homegrown Music (HGM), presents new performances most Tuesdays at 9:00 PM. July special features include a live concert with Hickory Project and Joe Rathbone on the 22nd, and a sampler of recent HGM segments on the 29th. Further information on Homegrown Music may be obtained via the World Wide Web at http://georgegraham.com/hgm_main.html

July 1 Cosmic Stepping Stones. From Upstate New York, Cosmic Stepping Stones released two well-received CDs with national distribution, including their more recent eponymous recording. They make their Homegrown Music debut in a scaled-back mostly acoustic setting featuring the delightfully attractive and often introspective songs of siblings Leah and Joe Pinnavaia.

Cosmic Stepping Stones
Cosmic Stepping Stones at WVIA

Unity Group at WVIA
Unity Group at WVIA in 2001
July 8 Unity Group. This jazz-rock fusion ensemble from Upstate New York combines first-rate musicianship with an eclectic world music approach. Unity Group performs a generous set of original material in this Homegrown Encore from 2001.

July 15 Molly Zenobia. Another Upstate New Yorker, Ms. Zenobia is already gathering national critical acclaim for her debut CD Windchimes, with its almost ethereal sound and fascinating lyrics. Mow Ms. Zenobia makes her Homegrown Music debut with a fine new group, in their first recording together, including drummer Chris Powers, who has recorded with Linda Ronstadt. The perform a combination of alternate versions of material from the CD, as well as new songs.

Molly Zenobia
Molly Zenobia with Dan Kutcher (left) & Chris Powers

July 22 A Homegrown Music Concert with HICKORY PROJECT and JOE RATHBONE. WVIA-FM's unique series of monthly live concert-broadcasts continues with some outstanding bluegrass and by a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter.

Hickory Project, based in Northcentral and Northeastern Pennsylvania is an internationally acclaimed bluegrass group, with their touring taking them as far away as Australia. Led by multi-instrumentalist Anthony Hannigan, who appeared on Homegrown Music over 20 years ago while still in his teens, and known for their virtuosic playing and outstanding original material, Hickory Project makes their debut on the series with some of the music that has made them such a talked-about group. They will performing some of the music from their forthcoming CD Big Darby.

New Jersey-native Joe Rathbone (with family in Northeastern PA) is another artist who came to the series after already having released a CD. His Welcome to Your New Life combines melodic pop sensibility with keen lyric craft. Last year, he made his debut on the HGM series with set of acoustic performances of new songs. For this concert he'll be appearing in a duo setting to deliver his memorable original composition to the live radio and studio audiences.

As usual, WVIA's listeners are invited to attend the two-hour concert in the station's Public Broadcasting Center studios. Phone 570-655-2808 for free audience seating reservations. Note: Start time 8:00 PM.

July 29 A Homegrown Music Sampler. With new segments featured almost every week on the series, this special 90-minute sampler provides an opportunity for series host and producer George Graham to present a cross section of the outstanding regional talent who have been appearing on the weekly series recently. Note: Start time 8:30 PM.

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