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WDBS Collage

I got my start in radio at what turned out to be a very creative college radio station, WDBS at Duke University. At the time, it was a campus-restricted station, but during my period there, from 1968 to 1972, I was in the company of a bunch of students who, in the absence of much faculty supervision, were determined to use the medium of radio to the fullest extent possible. The station was very innovative in its music, riding the crest of the "Woodstock Era" but also was a great outlet for the talents of some people who loved the medium as a comedy outlet.

During my period there literally hundreds of short comedy features were created, mostly fictitious commericals, but also some serials that were produced for the arrival of the freshman class to hear what the campus was like.

During this period I served as the stations' "production supervisor" and later program director, and took it upon myself to archive this material. In 2002, I decided to undertake a project to re-master as much of it as I could, and made four CDs which I shared with my old classmates.

I also featured many of these commercials after I came to WVIA and launched the Mixed Bag program. As part of the Mixed Bag 30th anniversary, I decided to dig up some of the spots once again. I have also included a selection of the commericals, for such products as the Wellington Raphelaytor, Magellan Gasoline, and the fine Proctor & Buddah line of products ("better things for better living through money") here on my website.

The spots were mainly written by Jim Maher, Evans Wetmore, Warren Pittman, and to a lesser extent myself, and produced on an early 1950s-era Collins broadcast board (seen in the upper center of the photo collage).

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My old classmate Jeff Miller has collected a series of photos from that period (thanks to Jeff for the most of the photos I used in the above collage). Here is a link to his site.

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