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25 Years of Interesting and Memorable Music

On May 13, 1999, Mixed Bag, the program I created and have been producing and hosting since 1974, marked its 25th anniversary as a daily radio show on Public Radio WVIA-FM. As one of the longest-running continuous programs in creative contemporary music, and the probably the first "AAA" (album adult alternative) program, Mixed Bag seems to have set music programming pattern for all that followed. As part of a week-long 25th anniversary observance, I put together a list of one or two albums released in each of the years of the program's existence that came to epitomize the program. They are certainly not the best-selling albums of each year, and many have since gone out of print. And they may not have been the recordings that immediately attracted my attention at the time of their release, but are they albums that have been particularly durable, that I find myself going back to time after time, and which also include some of the most requested recordings on the Friday night request program.

My intent was to limit myself to a single recording for each year, but I found that impossible, except for a few years in the late 1970s (disco days) to the mid-1980s, before the rise of the high-quality independent record labels, when the music scene seemed to be in a slump, at least as far as interesting music in concerned. Some of these recordings were winners of Graham Awards for their respective years, and some, over time, eclipsed those which did.

1974 Bob Dylan: Blood On the Tracks
Frank Zappa: Apostrophe'
1975 Ambrosia
Kraftwerk: Autobahn
1976 Joni Mitchell: Hejira
Tom Waits: Small Change
1977 Weather Report Heavy Weather
Steely Dan: Aja
1978 Roomful of Blues
Pat Metheny Group
1979 Rickie Lee Jones
1980Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice: Skaggs & Rice
1981 B.B. King: There Must Be a Better World Somewhere
King Crimson: Discipline
1982 XTC: English Settlement
Donald Fagen: The Nightfly
1983 Caswell Carnahan: Borderlands
1984 Laurie Anderson: Mr. Heartbreak
1985 Suzanne Vega
1986Paul Simon: Graceland
Christine Lavin: Beau Woes and Other Problems of Modern Life
1987 John Hiatt: Bring the Family
Linda Waterfall: Body English
1988 Bobby Mc Ferrin: Simple Pleasures
1989 Strength in Numbers: The Telluride Sessions
1990 Rob Mounsey and the Flying Monkey Orchestra: Dig
Béla Fleck and the Flecktones
1991 The Merchants of Venus
Stewart & Gaskin: Spin
1992 Lyle Lovett: Joshua Judges Ruth
Del Amitri: Change Everything
1993 Maria Muldaur: Louisiana Love Call
Freddie Jones Band: Waiting for the Night
1994 Indigo Girls: Swamp Ophelia
Everything But the Girl: Amplified Heart
1995 Neal Casal: Fade Away Diamond Time
Suddenly Tammy: We Get There When We Do
1996 John Gorka: Between Five and Seven
Naked to the World: Pilgrim's Kiss
1997 Scott Henderson: Tore Down House
Alison Krauss and Union Station: So Long So Wrong
1998 A String Cheese Incident
Susan Werner: Time Between Trains

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